Bernard Favre x MONOCHROME - Planet - Watch Winder - Black


The ultimate gyroscopic watch winder.

Together with Bernard Favre we created a bespoke Planet watch winder, the coolest winder you will ever see. A winder like the Bernard Favre Planet relies on a double-axis rotation to keep any automatic watch wound when not on the wrist.

Next to the practical solution, it provides for an automatic watch running out of energy, it is a mesmerizing spectacle to see your precious timepiece whirl around.

Your watch is protected from overwinding thanks to nine different programs to choose from. This allows you to set the winder to the watch in terms of rotations. 

The glass dome protects your watch from dust and prying hands. The ultra-silent motor will for 120 days on a full charge of the batteries. A USB charging cable is provided of course.

Our bespoke Planet Watch Winder is available in black only. The base and rings are black anodized aluminium. It has a knurled “bezel” on the base’s edge and a subtle reference to our partnership with Bernard Favre. It measures 210mm in height and 145mm in diameter.

The winder comes with a warranty of two years.

Please note that each MONOCHROME x Bernard Favre Planet Watch Winder is assembled to order. The delivery time may vary and will be determined for each order individually.

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